Kite & Yoga Camp Paracas, Peru. November 2023


260 km south of Lima it’s located one of the only flora and fauna protected area in Peru; Paracas National Reserve, one of our favorite destinations to run, since 2011, the Kite Sisters Paracas – Southern Peru – Women´s Kiteboarding & Yoga Camp.

Where the desert meets the ocean, you can find a flat and shallow water bay, ideal for learning and improving your kiteboarding skills, that receives the reliable and steady winds from the south desert.

Paracas is a charming, little and quiet town, a destination with residential villas that has been receiving over the last few years, more interest from the Kitesurfing community due to the epic conditions, reliable wind, stunning desert landscapes and exquisite cuisine.

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    All about the Kite & Yoga Camp Paracas, Peru. November 2023.

    The stunning desert landscape, the impressive fauna of flamingos and, mostly, the steady constant wind from the desert, combined with the bay flat and shallow water conditions, turn this spot into a perfect place to learn Kitesurf and, for the advanced riders, ideal to try new tricks!

    Paracas is a charming little town… The quiet mornings allow to enjoy the sun and long walks around the bay and get ready for midday; when wind starts to blow…

    With the Kite Sisters Villa just a few steps from the bay and kitesurf spot, you will taste delicious gourmet meals from breakfast to dinner prepared by our Chef; enjoy morning Yoga sessions focused on Kiteboarding by our awesome teacher and Kitesurf every afternoon on an absolutely beautiful and wild beach!

    2023 Date: November 11th to 18th, 2023

    Destination and Camp highlights:

    • One of our mid-range price Kite Camps but keeping the same services standards as usual.
    • Perfect conditions to learn Kiteboarding: fast progression for beginners and intermediate riders
    • Learn with last generation of kiteboarding gear and teaching techniques: we work with helmets with radios for Beginners Lessons and Intermediate Coaching – for a instant feedback and to accelerate the learning process – and brand new Slingshot Kitesurfing quiver and Mystic female line accessories.
    • Great conditions for advanced riders, unhooked and freestyle tricks and progression.
    • Flat water and a huge area with shallow water
    • U-Shape Bay: gives a completely safe environment
    • Crowd’s level: 3/5. Over the last few years, Paracas has became more popular so crowds in the water have increased (vs. North Shore Peru or Belize, for example).
    • Exquisite peruvian cuisine. Fresh ocean food, traditional peruvian cuisine, mediterranean fusion, nikkei fishes. Let our Chef to delight you every meal with the best peruvian and international dishes.
    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • 6 x Kitesurfing Lessons & Coaching with our experienced Team (details below)
    • Transfer from Lima Airport to the Kite Sisters Villa in Paracas, located right in front of Paracas Kite Beach.
    • 7 nights accommodation in the beautiful Kite Sisters Villas in Paracas: 2 private deluxe houses just 2 minutes walk from the Kite beach.
    • All Meals: Gourmet breakfast, Lunch and Dinner by the Chef.
    • 6 x Yoga lessons
    • Tour to the Ballestas Islands
    • Buggies and Sand boarding Tour in the desert
    • Kite Sisters goodie bag
    • IKO Certification (International Kiteboarding Organization)

    Kitesurfing Packages available:

    Lessons (Beginners):

    • Level: it´s your first contact with the sport or you can body drag, water start (board) and you can ride to both sides for short periods. Includes:
    • Kitesurf course (Level 1, 2 and 3 according to the IKO Program). 3 hours lessons per day, for 6 days (18 hours in total) in semi private IKO Course.
    • All Kiteboarding gear necessary for the lessons – Brand new North Kiteboarding and Mystic 2022/23 gear.
    • Students / Instructor ratio: 2/1 (sharing 1 kite)
    • Helmets with Radio to accelerate the learning process.

    Coaching (Intermediate):

    • Level: you can ride to both sides for long tracks, arrive to a controlled stop but still can’t stay upwind comfortably all the time.
    • Includes: Intermediate Kiteboarding Coaching. 3 hours lessons per day, for 6 days (18 hours in total).
    • Students / Coach ratio: 2/1
    • Helmets with Radio for instant feedback and corrections.
    • Example of Goals: Riding comfortably upwind, transitions and toeside. First jumps.
    • Gear not included but rental available (extra cost).

    Coaching (Advance & Video Analysis):

    • Level: independent rider. Riding comfortably upwind; being able to go and return to the same point all the time and change direction without stopping (Transitions).
    • Includes: Daily group coaching lessons of 3 hours per day, every day (6 days of activities).
    • Our Kitesurf Coach will work with each assistant on a Weekly Progression Plan, including basic to advance tricks: transitions, toeside riding, first jumps, back rolls and front rolls, unhooked tricks.
    • Students / Coach Ratio: 5/1
    • 2 x Video Coaching session and analysis.
    • Gear not included but rental available (extra cost).
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Your flight to Peru – Arrival Airport: Lima (LIM)
    • VISA (in case it’s necessary)
    • Travel & Health Insurance (mandatory)
    • Staff courtesy


    1. Kite Sisters Paracas Day 1

      Meet & greet Kite Sisters Team and rest of the group at Lima International Airport (LIM) and take together the Airport shuttle to Paracas (3 Hours).

      Once you arrive at our accommodation in Paracas, our Team will be waiting for you with a welcome reception.

      You will be taken to your Bedroom and will meet later your Kitesurf Instructor, for the first Meeting and Briefing of the week.

      At 6 PM Welcome Meeting and cocktails with Kite Sisters Team; followed by our first dinner together.

    2. Kite Sisters Paracas Day 2 to 6

      Schedule will be the following by it might vary depending the wind conditions:

      8 AM: Yoga session in the garden

      9 AM: Powerful breakfast to keep us healthy and energise for the whole morning.

      10 AM to 12:00 PM: Morning off to chill, enjoy the pool or beach.

      12 PM: Lunch time!

      1:00 PM to 5:00 PM: Kitesurfing lessons and Coaching for all levels at our private location.

      6:30 PM: Cocktails & social time. Every afternoon a new cocktail to discover.

      7 PM: 3 Course fine dining dinner

    3. Kite Sisters Paracas Day 3 and 5

      Morning activities

      11 AM: Debriefing and Video Coaching session with your Instructor / Coach.

    4. Kite Sisters Paracas Day 4

      From 10 to 12 PM

      Kite Sisters Kitesurfing Workshops. Learn about forecasting, weather, kite set up and all the tips and secrets and more!

    5. Kite Sisters Paracas Day 2 and 6

      Kite Sisters Kitesurfing Workshops. Learn about forecasting, weather, kite set up and all the tips and secrets and more!

    Kite Sisters House Paracas

    The Kite Sisters House in Paracas is a brand new, stylish, luxury and modern design house in the heart of Paracas bay. With a premiere location, on a private condominium and 100 meters from the beach and Kite spot and a few steps from Paracas National Reserve.

    With an exquisite design, we have founded a piece of heaven in Paracas! From the ambients to the design, with comfortable and cozy environments, this Villa is the right place to host our Camps.

    The Villa offers Internet Wifi, daily Housekeeping and the condominium has 24/7 security and a ClubHouse with 2 swimming pools. Equipped – for free use – with 2 Stand Up Paddleboards, Kayaks, Snorkeling gear and table games.

    A beautiful and green garden where every morning our Yoga Teacher will offer refreshing Yoga lessons, comfortable living room to chill and enjoy the after kiting.

    • Bedroom #1: Master bedroom with King size bed located on the second floor of the Villa with a view of the Paracas Bay. Ensuite bathroom with jacuzzi. Occupation: single or double. Available for upgrade.
    • Bedroom #2: Your private bungalow inside the House. This bedroom is perfect for a person looking for privacy and independence (you will have your own living room and kitchenette). Occupation: single or double. Available for upgrade.
    • Bedroom #3: 1 queen size bed and 2 single bunk beds. Ensuite bathroom. Occupation: triple.
    • Bedroom #4: 2 bunk beds with ensuite bathroom. Occupation: triple.

    Photos and description of the lodging (House, Villa, Hotel, Posada) are only referential and might change depending on current regulations, group size and requirements. 

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Shared areas


    Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima. Code: LIM. Located 3 hours from the Kite Sisters House.

    Camp´s package includes the Airport transfer from LIM Airport.

    Paracas offers desert weather: it ́s warm during the day and colder at nights.
    The climate is dry, stable, sunny and without rainfall.

    Water Temperature: 22 °C / 71 °F.

    Air Temperature:During the day, it ́s usually a temperature of 77 to 86 degrees F / 25 to 30 °C.

    Wind average: 15 to 24 knots

    Wind direction: Side Shore

    Kite sizes: 7 to 12 meters

    Wetsuits: Yes, it ́s neccesary.
    We recommend a long wetsuit (3.2 mm or 4.3 mm).

    The IKO is the International Kiteboarding Organization, an independent and global organization dedicated to developing and promoting safe kiteboarding worldwide; funded in November 2001.
    IKO provides a professional level of teaching standards, recognized and applied worldwide and updated all the time regarding the development and new technologies on the equipment and teaching methods.
    There are different levels for a Kitesurf Instructor and all the Kite Sisters Instructors are IKO Certified with the highest Instructor levels: IKO Level 2 Senior. Getting to this qualification requires thousands of teaching hours in different conditions, so you will be in good hands!

    At the end of every Kiteboarding Trip you will receive your own IKO Certification Card; with an worldwide validation and that will specify your current level.

    The process of learning Kiteboarding is going to depend on each particular person. Generally, a Kiteboarding course takes from 12 to 20 hours, that is recommended to split in different days, in order to get a gradual and solid progression and the necessary rest and recovery between each step of the learning.

    Having experience in other sports, such as windsurfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and skating, can really help in the learning, but is not completely significant. It’s possible that you have never done an action or related sport, and your Kitesurfing progress is fast and solid.

    This is mainly a technical sport, so if you dedicate the proper time, learn with a certified instructor and enjoy the process, you will become a Kiteboarder faster than you think!

    Belize spot is a spectacular place to learn Kiteboarding; all conditions are suitable for a beginner kitesurfing and making it easy to progress fast, in a really safe environment.

    Video Coaching is an incredibly effective tool that has been being used during the last 20 years in the Surf Industry for high performance training.

    Our Head Instructor, certified IKO Kiteboarding Instructor and ISA Surf Coach, has adapted this surf training technique to Kiteboarding and to the Advance Coaching lessons for our Independent riders (those girls that assist to our camps that already have an advanced riding level).

    The Video Coaching enables us to show you exactly what you look like and what you need to do. It brings in line what you think you are doing, with what you are actually doing. Our Kitesurf Coach will film your kiteboarding session so that after you can together analyze the video and find all the mistakes and everything that you need to work regarding technique, attitude, body and kite position to improve and push your riding to the next level.

    There are many reason that makes learning Kiteboarding in one of our Kitesurf Trips a good decision:

    • All about kiteboarding. You will completely submerge during one week in the kitesurfing world. Our Kiteboarding Trips are focused on the sport, so you will learn kiteboarding not only during your kite lesson, but also helping, assisting and talking with other sisters about kites, experiences, tips, spots. We organize daily Theory lessons, safety clinics and talk about gear, security, spots, hazards and you need to know to become an independent and safe kiteboarder.
    • Experience. Our Team has more than 6 years teaching, traveling and coaching kitesurfing. All our instructors are certified in all the disciplines that are taught during our Camps: IKO Instructors, ISA Coaches and Yoga Teachers. We have taught and ridden in all kinds of kitesurfing spots and conditions, from light wind and big kites to strong conditions with 3 meters kites and waves.
    • Competition free and non-pressure environment. We will help you throughout the learning curve with confidence and security; even if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, we will teach you, push you and help you adapt to your skills, background, abilities and difficulties. Every person is different so we will adapt every teaching to your best way of learning.

    Please, before booking your spot, check our Booking Terms, Conditions and Cancellation Policies.

    You can find all the details HERE. Before moving forward with the payment, you will have to accept our Booking Conditions, make sure you understand them before booking!

    Service contracting – Payment – suppose the reading and agreement of our “Terms and conditions”.

    Feel free to write to us if you have any questions.

    Prices will vary on each destination and will depend on the package selected and any of the add-ons (Gear Rental, Upgrade to private bedroom).

    Please note that prices can change, but the quote sent is valid for 15 days.

    In order to receive the Camp prices, click on the “Request quote” bottom, customise your request with your package and Add-ons options (Gear Rental, Upgrade to private bedroom) and send us the request.

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    Service contracting – Payment – suppose the reading and agreement of our “Terms and conditions”.

    Feel free to write to us if you have any questions.

    Payments are received in US Dollars.

    We accept 2 payments methods:

    • Credit Card through our website. We accept all major international credit cards.
    • Bank Transfer to our Accounts in Spain. If you choose this option, please, specify it in your request.
    Overall Rating
    Reviewed On 23/04/2020

    Helene. QC, Canada. Kite Camp Paracas 2018. I can’t say enough about my time in Paracas with the Kite Sisters crew! From the moment I contacted them for information, to the follow up once I got home, the service was second to none. You can expect to meet great people, have incredible food and be coached by the most amazing patient kitesurfing instructors. As a beginner kiter, I felt safe at all times and progressed relatively fast thanks to the team’ tremendous experience.

    Reviewed On 23/04/2020

    Nadine. Brooklyn, United States. Kite Camp Paracas 2018. Had the most amazing thanksgiving week in Paracas with Kite Sisters! Not only was the kitesurfing perfect and the teaching top notch, but the whole trip was impeccably organized, the food was delicious and the company so sweet. Will definitely come back for another trip sometime soon!

    Reviewed On 23/04/2020

    Eliane. QC, Canada. Kite Sisters Paracas 2018. The Kite Sisters camp in Paracas (Peru) was an amazing experience! The coaches can help a rider of any level to progress, and they were friendly and easy to talk to. The location is awesome, and the food was so tasty, we wanted more every time. 🙂 I would recommend a KiteSister camp to anyone, and have already registered for my next one 😉

    Reviewed On 23/04/2020

    Lindsey, BC, Canada. Kite Camp Paracas 2018. My recent trip with Kite Sisters to Paracas exceeded my expectations, which were already pretty high as I travelled to Tulum with them in 2015. Kite Spot The kite spot in Paracas was the best I’ve experienced so far. Flat water conditions in a bay with consistent winds. I was able to kite 11 out of a possible 12 days. There is a safety boat available so if things go awry you know help isn’t far away. There are enough facilities at the spot to be comfortable but not so many that it’s busy. There were very few non-kiting beach users. Instructors Kite Sisters pick the best instructors to help students progress to the maximum of their abilities. I saw people go from newbie to first rides in just a few sessions. The addition of radios to the helmets is a game changer, especially for people like me who are just getting their first rides so you start to get further from the instructor. They have an ideal ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor. All the Kite Sisters instructors were helpful and shared the excitement of all the students progressions. Food Oh wow, the food! Chef Martín did an incredible job creating 3 amazing meals per day to keep us all healthy and energized. He catered for various different dietary requirements with ease and delighted in sharing with us the details of each dish. The food was fresh, wholesome and delicious. The daily pre-dinner cocktail was a lot of fun. The only bad thing about the food is that when you go home, nothing else measues up to it. Yoga I really enjoyed starting the day with the yoga sessions. For me it helped me check in with my body and strengthen it further for the day ahead. Jamie did a fantastic job of putting together sequences which were in tune with what we needed that day. The daily readings at the end were special and perfect. Excursions I’ll admit before I went a big motivator for me to choose this specific trip was the two additional excursions included in the trip and I loved them both. The Ballestas Islands boat trip privides an amazing opportunity to see wildlife up close. The dune buggy and sandboarding adventure is pure adrenaline fuelled fun! So… much… fun! Organization Chelu is a mistress of planning and organization, she is like the duck on the water, working tirelessly below the surface whilst making it look effortless. She makes sure all the details are taken care of before guests arrive and has put together a great team to make sure everyone is well looked after from beginning to end. If you got this far… why are you still reading? Get out your calendar and figure out how to make a Kite Sisters trip fit into your life. If necessary, change your life. 😉

    Reviewed On 23/04/2020

    Tara. Florida. United States. Kite Sisters Paracas 2018. What an amazing experience! Chelu and her team have created an incredible program that will exceed all of your expectations. From the morning yoga, to the food, to the excursions in Paracas, and of course, the kiteboarding, everything was great. Chelu and her instructors emphasise making you an independent kiteboarder, ensuring you leave with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and confidently get out on the water on your own. I highly recommend this trip to anyone at any level! I’ll definitely be back